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Specials, essentially, are any parts we have to order specially. The image here shows a small selection of items that we've supplied which we're unlikely to stock since the materials and dimensions involved are almost always project specific.

Items included under the generic banner 'Specials' might include blocks/pads, bridge bearings, flanged bearings, unsplit wear rings, wear rings with unusual cuts or wear rings/bearings with machined grooves (eg lubrication channels seen more often on larger wear rings and bearings) although we should point out that some of these items are held in stock.

Normally we request that you send engineering drawings with your enquiry for non-standard parts and we will have the parts manufactured to those drawings.

Parts can be machined to customer drawing in most of our composite materials. We can also supply specials in an aramid fibre reinforced polyester resin, our designation A21.

If you're unsure, please speak to our technical department for advice on material selection for your application.