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International exporters of bearings & seals

CDS Bearings & Seals has been a leading global stockist and supplier of wear rings and bearing strip since 1994. Our fundamental strength lies in our extensive stock and broad range of sizes and materials of both wear rings and bearing strip.

We supply many of the world's leading hydraulic cylinder OEMs and after-market repairers as well as major seal distributors and many other companies all over the globe.
Where We Export

Our products

We supply the following products...

  • wear rings
  • bearing strip (roll)
  • bearing strip (spiral)
  • bronze and carbon filled strips
  • bushes
  • spherical rod-eye end bearings

We can also supply tubes and sheets of raw material for customers to machine themselves, or we can supply finished machined parts to customer drawings.

We also have a rumbler on-site to clean off the edges of smaller parts.


International shipping

CDS Bearings & Seals have customers on six of the seven continents and therefore we are truly a global exporter. That being said, if you are a prospective customer on Antarctica we would love to hear from you so we can complete the set.

Have a look at where we export to. If we don't already export to your country, don't let that put you off: we can and we will.

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